Subject: package php4-4.0.5 breaks horde-1.2.5/imp-1.2.5
To: NetBSD users-list <>
From: Rogier Krieger <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/05/2001 15:07:38
Hello everyone,

after an update for php4 (incl. php4-imap, php4-mysql) to 4.0.5
through package source, I also updated horde and imp to versions
1.2.5. Afterwards, the imp package refuses to work giving a fatal
error on the undefined function preg_match() in (line 111).

This is likely caused by the lack of pcre (perl compatible regex)
support in the php4-4.0.5. Its makefile explicity wants to do
without the pcre.

A quick, and working, fix which came to mind was to delete the
--without-pcre line from the Makefile.common script. Not highly
elegant, but it works.

The horde/imp packages do not require anything more than php4,
php4-imap, a php4 database module and the underlying database.

However, browsing through the package listing, I saw php4-pcre
and pcre packages (in www and devel, respectively). I haven't
tested these, but they should probably fix imp, while allowing
php4-4.0.5 to stay in its original package state.

Now for my suggested change: make pcre and php4-pcre required
packages for the horde/imp installation. That way, the packages
system sets the depencies straight.

Hope this helps for anyone who's had similar imp problems as I
had with the preg_match() function failing. This problem did
not occur with the previous combinations of php4 and horde/imp
versions 1.2.4.


- Rogier Krieger

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