Subject: ntpd problems
To: None <>
From: Erik Huizing <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/04/2001 13:12:23
I'm running ntpd on a few of my machines, and I've noticed that some of my
machines aren't updating their clocks. 

I've got two 1.5/i386 machines (one of which is the master), then there's
two 1.4.2/i386 machines and one 1.4.2/mac68k machines. Each of these is
running ntpd, but all the 1.4.2 machines don't seem to keep anywhere near
the same time as the 1.5 machines. Why aren't the 1.4.2 machines
updating? Are there any compatibility issues I shuold be worried about? Is
there a better way to synchornize the clocks on all my machines?

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// Erik Huizing