Subject: Re: Strange or unclear open source licenses in NetBSD tree
To: Frank van der Linden <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/01/2001 14:27:42
On Thu, 31 May 2001, Frank van der Linden wrote:

> > I also found one other substantial code with a license similar to Darren
> > Reed's "use" license. I already contacted the author and I am waiting for
> > his company's PR department to respond. (I am writing an article about
> > that includes that.)
> Well, if you think there is a problem, we'd appreciate a note sent
> to us about it of course.

Compare Darren's IP Filter license with /usr/src/lib/libwrap/DISCLAIMER.

Interview with Wietse Venema about his tcp_wrappers license

   Jeremy C. Reed