Subject: Re: fsck & other things
To: None <>
From: David Maxwell <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/30/2001 23:54:34
On Thu, Mar 29, 2001 at 08:33:24PM -0600, wrote:
> On Thursday 29 March 2001 20:09 US Central Time, Kevin P. Neal wrote:
> > "Uh, don't do that!"
> >
> > Corruption isn't caused by fsck, corruption is found and fixed by
> I know that, but fsck is the only instance where the disk times out.

So there are several questions to answer here:

1) Can you boot, and do 'shutdown -fr now' and reboot without fsck

2) When you say "disk times out" is there a specific error message
associated with that diagnosis?

> Maybe I wasn't very specific, when the machine crashes for whatever
> reason, and reboots, and when fsck starts checking the filesystem,

3) Crashes for which "whatever" reason. I understand you may be new to
NetBSD from Linux, but crashes are not the norm here ;-)
What messages are you seeing with these crashes?

> The problem only happens when fsck tries to check the system at

4) Which problem is that - what's the message?

> bootup.  I'm too scared to try to run fsck manually while the
> system is up and running, because I might have to reinstall if
> the disks time out and I cant shut down cleanly.

5) What have you seen that made you think you needed to reinstall?

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