Subject: Re: [ Re: bash]
To: None <>
From: Matthias Buelow <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/28/2001 04:30:33
Frederick Bruckman <> writes:

>I've downloaded it, but I can't even figure out the build system. It
>seems like essential pieces are missing for the "don't-have-dmake" build.

it's fairly simple, you untar the archive and use the bin/package
utility for building and installing it (type "bin/package help".
Nmake (not dmake) is required but packaged in the ast archive.  It
would be nice if the whole ast stuff would be available as a package
for NetBSD, it includes other utilities (the original pax, etc.,
which is not really required for NetBSD, since it ships with its
own pax but the AT&T one has more functionality, including handling
of a lot more archives like rpm etc.)  Of course there's the licence
issue, it looks halfway liberal (in my understanding, it boils down
to ATT giving you the source and you're free to use and redistribute
it as long as you feedback any modification you make to the original,
or at least make it available, apart from stuff you only link against
it of course, but I am not a lawyer.)
BTW., they also have a NetBSD/i386 binary package available at their site!