Subject: Re: Xerox 4213
To: Jussi Hamalainen <>
From: SUNAGAWA Keiki <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/14/2001 10:03:51
Jussi Hamalainen <> wrote:

Jussi> I have a Xerox 4213 (yes, I know it's a dinosaur, but
Jussi> hey, this one has printed only 21498 pages!) hooked
Jussi> up to a SPARC classic. I can get the printer to print
Jussi> garbage by sending data to /dev/bpp0. How can I print
Jussi> postscript with this thing? It doesn't have ps
Jussi> modules installed.

Do you get the info of the printer language of 4213?
Otherwise, does the 4213 have any emulation mode for HPGL,

If it does, you can print the PS files with ghostscript.

BTW, is there anyone who knows about Xerox 4109 SCSI
printer?  I have this one in my office. ;-)