Subject: Re: network interfaces
To: Unix Wizard <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/11/2001 10:13:44
> Then I cd to /etc directory and copy ifconfig.ne2 to ifconfig.ne3 and I have
> changed only ip address in ifconfig.ne3 if I am using ne2 interface I can
> ping any machine on a network, but if I want to use ne3 interface it gives
> me error message ping: sendto: Host is down. (but lights on ne3 interface
> are blinking)
> But it works fine with ne2. I have no other error messages. I am lost. Do I
> have to modify other files?

ifconfig -l and check whether ne3 is really configured

> except for ifconfig.ne3 ?
> ne3 NIC worked fine yesterday on 1.4.3 before I install 1.5
> Any advise? Please? Anyone?
> P.S. I HAVE CHECKED THE CABLES (everything is fine)

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