Subject: FTP install of i386-1.5 with legacy NICs
To: None <>
From: tester 777 <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/09/2001 11:23:41
I'm trying to get NetBSD 1.5 on a 486/DX 50 via FTP install over the lan 
from another box that's sharing the CD (via FTP).  I have no way of 
installing a cdrom drive in the target 486 box which would seem to leave me 
only with some sort of remote install.

The motherboard has no pci bus of course and 7 isa slots.   All are filled.  
1st slot contains a promise IDE controller which is connecting a WD-Caviar 
162meg drive and a Samsung 520meg.  The next slot contains a 1meg trident 
VGA video card.  The rest are filled with the remaining 10megabit Ethernet 
NICs i could come up with.  (2 intel EtherExpress, one nameless card, and 2 
3com EtherLink II cards [rev A and E] )

I boot from floppy and the drives partition fine.  Once, at packet 
installation however, selecting ftp renders an error indication:

"I can not find any network interfaces for use by NetBSD.  You will be 
returned to the previous menu. "

Is there any way to get NetBSD to detect and utilize any of these cards for 
install?  i've plugged them all seperately into the Ethernet switch and all 
produce a link light.

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