Subject: Re: Fwd: inetd DoS exploit
To: Emre Yildirim <>
From: Kevin Sindhu <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/25/2001 20:33:00

At 06:24 PM 2/26/2001 -0600, Emre Yildirim wrote:
>On Monday 26 February 2001 17:29 US Central Time, Bill Sommerfeld
> > If you wait 10 minutes, the listener will come back.  (I just
> > verified this).

This is pretty interesting though...even though inetd has been coded like 
this, is there any way for us to prevent this?

I know a viable solution right now is to drop inetd and installed 
xinetd..but what do you guyz think would be a viable solution to this problem?

<Offtopic Rant>
BTW, this also kills inetd on OpenBSD 2.8-current[prolly all below 2.8 
branch]...(figures...), but I am sure, when I ask this on this tomorrow on 
the list, 60% of the emails  I'll get back will tell me this is not enabled 
by default...well, ok, the hell that I care if ftp ain't enabled by 
default, I need it therefore I run it...*grin*

<End Offtopic Rant>

Uh...buh bye...

-Kevin Sindhu

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