Subject: memory investigations.. - FINALLY FOUND
To: None <>
From: amaya <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/17/2001 10:11:19
>> i've just looked in i386 machdep code:
>> avail memory=total memory-buffer cache size-kernel size-all kernel data
>> size.

>1) vmstat -s does not show pages used by uvm to manage memory!
>2) uvm allocates real memory for vm_anon structs for each swap page.
>sizeof(vm_anon)=16 on i386 so it need 4kB per megabyte of swap.
>with 520MB of swap it means 2MB physical unswappable memory beeing
>allocated. with 8MB (without 384kB) it's too much!!

>now i'm writing this mail while testing 8MB mem config with 30MB swap.

>performance now is much better than linux, and memory consumption can be
>reduced because i'm using bash as shell.

>now i see that netbsd on 8MB slow 486 is very usable as router with nat,
>dns, etc.. and sshd to be able to remotely log into. should go fast!

>thank you for your all help!

See! who needs swap!

I have 1.41 running in a 8 meg 386SX system with no swap (only 16M flash
drive) being a demo http server. Plenty of free space...

Dont know if 1.5 would fit though.

Now if i could just figure out why the termcap data base is ~500k with
only vt100 in it, I could reduce the flash to 8M