Subject: Re: Hope for winmodem support?
To: Bernd Sieker <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/15/2001 12:08:12

Caution: (Score: -1, Troll)

> Probably not, _because_ it is GPL, and we do not want
> our kernel to become infected by this virulent licence.

Agreed, but we could do a `BSD' vs `AT&T' and rewrite it
around their principles with the same functionality but
not using their code.  That would really get up Stallmans
arse...  Then again futile retaliations on Slashdot from
the L*n*x [**1] factions about IP (intellectual property)
go blow it.

You could just say forget it though because Winmodems are
crap anyway:- "Thou who buy cheap crap gets problems"

IBM will only be supporting WinModems so they can stuff
them in their rather bad laptops.  No other reason - this
isn't some magic community gift.

I'll stick with my Hayes Accura V90 external and Hayes
PCMCIA Global 56k thanks (despite having a WinModem in my

- Chris.

**1 - Word censored to stop search engines picking it
      up even more... ;)