Subject: Re: ugen refusing writes
To: Chris Baird <>
From: Jasper Wallace <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/14/2001 14:03:28
On Wed, 14 Feb 2001, Chris Baird wrote:

> System: NetBSD 1.5 "RELEASE"
> While attempting to get a USB scanner configured for SANE under NetBSD
> (I've already successfully done this with the same dual-boot system in
> Linux), I've come across the problem of all writes to /dev/ugen0.00
> returning ENODEV.

Yes, /dev/ugen0.00 is the control endpoint, so it won't let you do this.

> The usb attach information is thusly:
>         ugen0 at uhub0 port 1
>         ugen0: EPSON Perfection640  , rev 1.00/0.01, addr 2
> /dev/ugen0.00 would be the correct device file to use, correct? (It's
> the only one I can find that responds like it exists. I thought
> /dev/ugen0.02 would could have been it, but that's not the case.)

How are you choosing the device in the application? to work out which of the
/dev/ugen0.xx devices you have to use read/write to an endpoint requires a
couple of ioctls to the /dev/ugen0.00 device.

> "ktrace scanimage -L" reveals:
>   2480 scanimage NAMI  "/dev/ugen0.00"
>   2480 scanimage RET   open 5
>   2480 scanimage CALL  write(0x5,0xbfbfcee6,0x2)
>   2480 scanimage RET   write -1 errno 19 Operation not supported by device
>   2480 scanimage CALL  write(0x5,0xbfbfb714,0x2)
>   2480 scanimage RET   write -1 errno 19 Operation not supported by device
>   2480 scanimage CALL  __fstat13(0x2,0xbfbfb634)
>   2480 scanimage RET   __fstat13 0
>   2480 scanimage CALL  write(0x2,0xbfbfaffc,0x15)
>   2480 scanimage GIO   fd 2 wrote 21 bytes
>        "[epson] ident failed\n"
> Apparently this is the code responsible in /sys/dev/usb/ugen.c:ugen_do_write
> 	if (endpt == USB_CONTROL_ENDPOINT)
> 		return (ENODEV);

oh you noticed that too ;-)

> The ugen(4) man page seems to contradicts this:
>      If an endpoint address is used both for input and output the device can
>      be opened for both read or write.

The ugen stuff is a little wacky, i've been working with it for the last
couple of days and only recently worked out how to use it.

I think the best thing for you to try would be to subscribe to the usb-bsd
mailing lists - see:

Have you looked at the uscanner driver in -current?

I don't know how easy it would be to backport to 1.5...

> (Btw, an Epson Perfection 640U has vendor=0x4b8, product=0x10c in case anyone
> wants to update the usbdevs file.)

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