Subject: Re: WASABI - once more
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/14/2001 09:53:10

Excuse me for butting in here :)

> Do you think that not making a system "easy" will keep potential
> developers away?

Developer opinion: I'm a developer - easy stuff sucks.
Thats final.  Do things the easy way, you will be
conned and when you have to do it the hard way you'll
have no idea where to start.  Example - WinNT at
command and IE task scheduler.  Certain versions if
IE, this doesnt work.

> in my opinion suse is already "new windows". oh..maybe corel
> linux more.  both is unusable.

Hey, SuSE is nothing like the `new windows'.  My old 7.0
box comes to a login: prompt :))  (well it would if it
wasnt in bits all over the house :p )

> This test shows, that Windows 2000 is of better usability
> than Linux as a server OS and and a klient OS (and that it
> is more secure too!). This is a nother MS paid document that
> As long as making it easier does not break something, it
> does not do any harm.

Usability is not determined on whether the software is AOL
or Emacs style.  Usability is determined by how stupid
(mainly) or clever the user is.  It is *not* a measurable
or definable quantity, just an opinion of others with or
without knowledge of the field.

- Chris.