Subject: Re: WASABI :(
To: Thomas Mueller <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/14/2001 10:09:04
> >it is possible to do it other way... me, and other users, simply don't
> >want to run java or javascript on my browser even if it's capable of it
> >because i don't want unknown programs running on my computer without my
> >knowlege.
> I agree: one reason why I hate to be bullied into Javascript.  The other is that
> the only Javascript browser I have now is Netscape 4.04, past its certificate
> expiration time, horribly slow on my current Cx486DX2-S at 66 MHz with 20 MB 
> RAM, and not runnable at all now because the amount by which SWAPPER.DAT would
> balloon exceeds available disk space.

i'm using pentiums with 128MB RAM so speed is no problem. but simply i DO
NOT want unknown program to start on my machine. 
> Any way, Wasabi people, to order without using the Web system?  Email or voice
> phone, for instance?  I don't really like ordering through the Web anyway, a
> software bug at the other end could be financially ruinous to me.

it's very strange that they proffesionalists can't do it wothout