Subject: Re: WASABI :(
To: None <>
From: Thomas Mueller <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/14/2001 03:26:07
> be a requirement of the e-commerce ordering system at this point in time.

>it is possible to do it other way... me, and other users, simply don't
>want to run java or javascript on my browser even if it's capable of it
>because i don't want unknown programs running on my computer without my

I agree: one reason why I hate to be bullied into Javascript.  The other is that
the only Javascript browser I have now is Netscape 4.04, past its certificate
expiration time, horribly slow on my current Cx486DX2-S at 66 MHz with 20 MB 
RAM, and not runnable at all now because the amount by which SWAPPER.DAT would
balloon exceeds available disk space.

Any way, Wasabi people, to order without using the Web system?  Email or voice
phone, for instance?  I don't really like ordering through the Web anyway, a
software bug at the other end could be financially ruinous to me.