Subject: Re: KDE2 question
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/12/2001 09:30:10
On Sun, 11 Feb 2001, TODD WITTER wrote:

> I do know that it is a bit incomplete in it's current state (for BSDs), I 
> see that kdebase2.0 and its counterparts are available for 
> download, not from NetBSD, but from both OpenBSD and FreeBSD.
> Is it possible to use pkg_add to grab those binaries for my NetBSD 
> system or will it break because they came from either the Open or 
> Free ftp sites?

I believe that the packages have different formats. Also, the
prerequisites package names may be different.

You could grab the package source for these though and try to implement
the ideas (from the patches and Makefiles).

I successfully installed and used KDE2 under NetBSD 1.5 (i386) using the
pkgsrc from Nick Hudson's webpage 

   Jeremy C. Reed