Subject: Re: freebsd driver for sync. card
To: David Maxwell <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/07/2001 12:06:10
> > 
> > anyway - i would like to run netbsd on this machine after 1-2 months..
> > 
> > how real is their response?
> Many vendors don't understand NetBSD - since it never had the marketing
> and partnerships a certain other BSD has.
many vendors can't calculate ;)
no matter what OS client will use he will pay for product. so they should
be interested in support to every OS - especially if lot of people are
interested in driver coding.
> Someone would probably do a driver if a card was loaned.
the problem is that we haven't two cards and one of them is working now :(
and it's expensive as every sync card :( (>500$)

if i have a change to borrow router for longer period i would write it by
myself.. but probably no chance...

anyway - what synchronous card is cheap and good in netbsd. must be able
to do 2Mbps and be possible to use frame relay