Subject: apache and mod_ssl
To: None <>
From: Erik Huizing <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/04/2001 19:46:26
I'm having trouble getting apache running with the ap-ssl module. 
I suppose first I should ask do I need to reconfigure/recompile apache, or
is adding the ap-ssl package good enough? httpd -l doesn't list mod_ssl 

I've got these packages installed on a 1.5 system:
apache-     The Apache web server (
ap-ssl-2.7.1        Secure Sockets Layer module for Apache

Next, when I issue the command apachectl startssl, I get this error:

Syntax error on line 212 of /usr/pkg/etc/httpd/httpd.conf:
Cannot load ! into server:Shared object "" not found 
/usr/pkg/sbin/apachectl startssl: httpd could not be started

I've tried copying and linking /usr/lib/ to
various places, including /usr/pkg/lib/httpd/{,.0,.1,.2}
but to no avail. 

my httpd.conf has this in it (no changes from the default installation):

<IfDefine SSL>
### Uncomment the following if you wish to use SSL and you need RSAREF:
#LoadFile !
LoadFile !
LoadFile !
LoadModule ssl_module lib/httpd/
AddModule mod_ssl.c

Thanks in advance. 

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// Erik Huizing