Subject: Re: Setting up UUCP networks.
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/31/2001 14:15:34

> Thanks for stirring up fond, old memories.

Any time ;)  I wish I had memories like that.  Mine are full
of Visual Basic hacking, BBC Micros and Amiga games...  I
only started using UNIX (well Linux) in 1996.  The last two
years or so have been FreeBSD and now NetBSD so I'm happy

> My first real computer was an Amiga 1000 that I bought in 1986
> or 1987 from a Commodore engineer just before the Amiga 2000
> came out.  A buddy of mine ported UUCP and I used it to fetch
> e-mail from the university where I worked.  I upgraded to an
> Amiga 2000 and then to a 3000 and used UUCP  on each of them
> until about 1995 when I switched to PPP.  All of the computers
> were called "luvthang".  I still have the A3000 but he doesn't
> do much these days.

Funky!  I have an A2000 under my bed at the moment.  I was
waiting for a decent CPU card to `appear cheap' so I could
get the thing running NetBSD.  Nice machines they are.  Very
simple, but loads of expansion capabilities.  I think I paid
equiv $20 for it from a place in London.  My first `proper'
system was an Amiga 500 so there's Amiga in my blood :)

> I don't know if I can help you set up UUCP or not.  IIRC,
> the *BSD System Manager's Manual has two chapters on UUCP.
> NetBSD ought to come with /usr/share/doc/smm/{14.uucpimpl,
> 15.uucpnet} but those directories are empty on my system.

Yeah, they are covered by copyright laws I think, therefore
are not redistributable :P  This I assume has something to
do with AT&T, lawsuits etc etc.

> If you'd care to post a story about your experience setting
> up UUCP in these days of IP, I'd like to read it.

I certainly shall when I get things going :)  Warning though:
it might be a while as I've got to negotiate this with some
friends (as they are part of the network).  Negotiations
normally end up down the pub doing non-constructive things
in my experience :P


- Chris.