Subject: Re: Setting up UUCP networks.
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/31/2001 13:47:06

> Nice idea. UUCP ist still one of my favorite protocols.

Thanks :)  UUCP looks like a `clean' protocol and it's
pretty damn tested so it should do the job fine.  We're
using obsolete hardware `just for the fun of it' on the
same principle that BBS's are still around.  Straight
56k (or 48k as it turns out to be) is better than
encapsulating everything in IP packets too, as the
overhead is pretty bad.  UUCP is significantly better I
hear on bandwidth.

> describing what do do would be a little to much for a
> mailing-list.

Agreed!  The man pages aren't much good either as I know
very little about UUCP and they assume that you do.

> There ist a great O'Reilly Book, Managing UUCP

I've been searching for a copy of this but it's out of
print and no-one seems to have any copies in stock.

> You should also have a look at the Linux UUCP-Howto.
> Never mind the L Word...

<<shudder>>  The L word is scary!!  I shall take a look
on for that HOWTO.  I haven't used Linux
for the last 2 years so I'm worrying already...

Thanks for your advice ;)

- Chris.