Subject: bug in tlp*?
To: None <>
From: Emre <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/27/2001 14:39:20

on my nat router, I have noticed something weird lately.  Network traffic 
would stop at certain times and I would have to reboot the box.  This 233Mhz 
box is running 1.5 with the GENERIC kernel, the two interfaces are ex0 
(external) and tlp0 (internal).  When I do "tcpdump -i tlp0" at any time, I 
get no output and after a few minutes, I get the following:

Jan 27 05:51:27 exodus /netbsd: tlp0: filter setup and transmit timeout 

And after that tlp0 is dead.  Ifconfig'ed it down and up again, but when I 
try to ping/telnet the interface,  it is unreachable.  Is this some sort of 
bug or am I using a crappy card?  This is a PCI Netgear card (not very old).

Thanks for any help/advice

Emre Yildirim, Information Security Officer
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emre@SRENGINEERING.COM | emre.yildirim@US.ARMY.MIL