Subject: Re: netbsd-1.5 build failed
To: Wojciech Puchar <>
From: Chris Gilbert <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/25/2001 22:26:03
On Thursday 25 January 2001  9:09 pm, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
> > > i have /usr/src unpacked from all .tgz sources
> > > cd /usr/src
> > > make
> >
> > Shouldn't that be make build?
> fails too but in other place..
> will do script. with it and send

Ok, having just started (or attempted to :) a make build on an arm32 box, 
things that have needed doing so far:
install new make
install new share/mk
make obj (that worked :)
make build then fails as it attempts to do make includes in the crypto asn 
stuff, and fails with __assert13 errors, it seems to want to build bits in 
here and it's using the new headers, but not the matching libc.
Fix is to rebuild lib/libc and install.  However that fails because you need 
the latest lint installed (so off into usr.bin/lint and make install)

Currently I'm now rebuilding lib/libc to see what happens next :)