Subject: Re: 1.4.3 vs 1.5 binary files.
To: Rakhesh Sasidharan <>
From: Kevin P. Neal <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/25/2001 09:13:21
On Thu, Jan 25, 2001 at 01:02:46PM +0530, Rakhesh Sasidharan wrote:
> > ./lundftpd: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1,
> > dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not stripped
> > 
> > whereas an old version on the 1.4.3 system is:
> > 
> > ./lundftpd-2.8-good: setuid NetBSD/i386 demand paged dynamically linked
> > executable not stripped
> I'm not exactly sure of this, but I do remember somebody on the list
> saying the 1.4 uses a.out executables, and 1.5 has begun to use 1.5
                                                                  ^^^ "ELF"
> executables.  (And your "file" output seems to go along with that too.)
> though, but better than waiting till Feb ...  [It just struck me, there
> should be some kernel option like COMPAT_14 or something -- wonder if it
> might help in such a case ?  Somebody knowledgeble could suggest ...]

The COMPAT_14 option does exist, but it pulls in the system calls that
were changed post-1.4. The options required include EXEC_AOUT and COMPAT_14,
and old a.out libraries need to be moved into /emul somewhere (I don't
remember where exactly -- /emul/aout/usr/lib perhaps). That would allow
for the running of a.out NetBSD executables on an ELF NetBSD system. I 
guess you could move most of /usr into /emul/aout and run the compiler
from there. 

That, of course, assumes that the old 1.4 tree was still present.
Kevin P. Neal                      
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