Subject: RE: NetBSD-i386 as a firewall/print server
To: Steven Grunza <>
From: Scott Horton <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/24/2001 19:47:59
I'm looking to setup an old i386 with a bunch of RAM (about 16M or so),
a 1.4 MB floppy drive, and a pair of Ethernet cards.

The purpose of this machine is to:

1)    act as a firewall between my nephews' ADSL provider (who gives out
dynamic addresses)
2)    act as a print server using Samba
>=>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> snip <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I'll leave out the comments about trying to build this on a floppy, I think
others have covered that sufficiently...  Although I *do* believe that it
could be done if all you wanted was the firewall... Might take two floppy
drives though.  As a printserver would be rough due to spooling.

I'm actually planning to do something almost exactly like this:

I aquired a little Vax recently, and a DEC LN03 laser printer, both of which
were in practically perfect condition.  I got a full maintenance kit and
enough toner to keep the printer running for years.  Naturally nothing in
the PeeCee world will touch that printer with a ten foot pole.  So - my big
plan:  I'm going to put NetBSD on the Vax, use Samba to create a shared
network printer on my Windoze network, then use Ghostscript (which does
support the LN03) to preprocess the jobs coming in through Samba to the
printer.  Voi-la!  One postscript laser printer!  Compatible with

That's the plan anyway...

The Vax has a pair (!) of 100Mb SCSI drives builtin, but it only provides
for a single ethernet port, or I'd be setting it up as my firewall as
well... :)

I don't know if NetBSD provides appletalk support, but if it doesn't, I
think you can get a chooser utility that will allow you to print to a Unix
host, or something similar.

Anyway - I was intrigued to see someone else planning something like what I
had in mind, and had to drop my $.02 in...