Subject: GNU/LINUX emulation on NetBSD/i386 (was: Linux Emulation / Symantec
To: J. Buck Caldwell <>
From: Richard Rauch <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/19/2001 17:41:46
I wasn't even aware that we _had_ Solaris emulation.  I can't find any
mention of it in the kernel config files.  Or did you mean that you'd get
a Solaris version and run it under Solaris? Or is Solaris essentially
equivalent to something else, insofar as our emulation goes?

LINUX emulation isn't perfect.  However, it seems to work reasonably well,
in my experience:

 Netscape: At some point, the BSDi version of Netscape was made the
 default version to install.  As soon as that happened, I recall having
 Netscape crashing frequently.  Overriding the pkgsrc setting to make
 it install the GNU/LINUX version made life much happier.

 Blender: I tried to run the FreeBSD version, on the theory that it
 might be closer to happy under NetBSD.  I don't remember exactly
 how it turned out, but I believe that I found the GNU/LINUX version
 to run more happily under NetBSD.  (I never got Blender to run entirely
 without troubles, but as I recall, the FreeBSD version gave me more

Of course, that's a small sample, and only relates to one of your options.

As for setting up GNU/LINUX emulation, this is covered in chapter 15 of
Federico Lupi's NetBSD guide.  See:

...for the various translations.  A direct URL for chapter 15 in English

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