Subject: Thoughts on more helpful upgrading
To: None <>
From: Paul Hoffman <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/16/2001 19:16:23
Greetings again. I just upgraded a 1.4.2 machine to 1.5 from CD-ROM. 
The install went fine, but the post-install was much more tedious 
than I expected. Having just come out of the experience, I'd like to 
suggest a few things for the upgrade part of the installer for future 

1) Password files

It seems incredibly unlikely to me that anyone would not want their 
users and passwords on the upgraded system. Making someone guess 
which files they need to copy out of /etc.old seems wrong (I had to 
keep trying over and over since there were more files than I knew 
about). I propose that instead of what we do today (move the entire 
/etc to /etc.old and start fresh), we instead copy the fresh password 
files (group, master.passwd, passwd, pwd.db, spwd.db) to a new 
directory, /etc.fresh, and copy the old password files from /etc.old 
to the new /etc.

2) Additional files

If the /etc.old has some files that do not exist in the fresh /etc, 
they should be copied to /etc. That is, there seems no reason not to 
keep around files that have been put in /etc by the user that we are 
sure won't affect the new boot. This certainly means ifconfig.* and 
conf files of programs that are not booted automatically.

Do these ideas sound good to folks?