Subject: Re: cd burning
To: David Maxwell <>
From: Justin Heath <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/11/2001 22:23:24
Well just when you think you are out of the woods. I tried it again and 
the drive seems like it picks up then cdrecord errors out. Here is the 

cdrecord -v speed=8 dev=/dev/cd0a test.img
Cdrecord 1.9 (i386-unknown-netbsd1.5) Copyright (C) 1995-2000 Jo"rg 
TOC Type: 1 = CD-ROM
scsidev: '/dev/cd0a'
devname: '/dev/cd0a'
scsibus: -2 target: -2 lun: -2
cdrecord: Invalid argument. Cannot open SCSI driver.
cdrecord: For possible targets try 'cdrecord -scanbus'. Make sure you 
are root.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

David Maxwell wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 11, 2001 at 08:58:29PM +0000, Justin Heath wrote:
>> I have a generic  IDE CDR/W. As far as I know cdrecord only writes to 
>> SCSI devices. Under Linux I had to use the ide-scsi module (ide to scsi 
>> emulation) for cdrecord to work. Is there an equivelent to this or 
>> another way I can accomplish cd writing with and IDE CDR/W under NetBSD 
>> 1.5? TIA.
> NetBSD's Atapi support is fully integrated. It 'just works'.