Subject: Re: blocking bots
To: None <>
From: Wolfgang Rupprecht <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/06/2001 17:28:20 (Erik Huizing) writes:
> I noticed yesterday that someone ( is indexing my server. I
> was wondering if there's any way to put a stop to this. I don't have any
> sensitive information on my server, but its more of an annoyance that this
> is happeneing (all they're really getting is a copy of my apache
> documentation). 
> I've tried blocking them in my ipf.conf:
> block in quick on ep0 from to any
> (this is the first rule in the file)
> I've also tried specifically blocking port 80, and tcp protocol, and the
> full /32 address, all to no avail. 

    $ host6 IPv4 '' ''

Are you sure you have that IP address right?  You might be being
indexed by a spammer on an adsl line.

I have this in my ipf.conf and can verify that it still works as of an
two hours ago.

        block in log quick from to any

        Jan  6 15:24:40 capsicum ipmon[130]: 15:24:39.930863             tlp0 @0:9 b,45216 ->,nntp PR tcp len 20 10240 -R IN 

On the other hand, I tend to treat web-crawling indexers as friendlies
as long as they wait a few seconds between requesting new pages.  Its
only the isp's scanners that I bother to block.  (I no longer know if
the clueful people are still running the show at my ISP or if they
have all vested and left.)

       Wolfgang Rupprecht <>
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