Subject: IPNAT: rdr?
To: None <>
From: Simon Raahauge DeSantis <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/14/2000 22:41:41
I'm trying to use ipnat's rdr funcationality on a 1.4.2 system. The man page
is pretty incomprehensible to me. Is there anyone out there who finds a
grammar (that to my untrained eye looks incomplete/incorrect even) with
barely any explanation complete documentation? I can use map only because
I've seen examples. What I am trying to do is redirect traffic sent to
ghostpriest:8000 over to cube:80. (Cube being a machine on my internal 10.*
network) Maybe I need to be using bimap. I don't know. The two line
description of rdr's functionality in ipnat(5) seems to be what I want
though. But the syntax for ipnat.conf?! As far as I can make out I need
something like
rdr le0 -> ports 8000 80 tcp
However. Trying this out yields the following:
xiamin@ghostpriest ~ % sudo ipnat -n -f /etc/ipnat.conf
4: missing fields (port)
4: syntax error in "rdr"
xiamin@ghostpriest ~ % 

Any help with this would be much appreciated. TIA
-Simon Raahauge DeSantis