Subject: Re:Japanese
To: Tatoku Ogaito <>
From: Torsten Sadowski <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/11/2000 17:54:27

the kterm -km euc did fix the lynx problem. But I'm still unable to write
japanese characters. When I start jserver and kinput2 I get the following
apollo% jserver &
[2] 7004
[1]    Done                          kinput2
Nihongo Multi Client Server (4.20)
Reading /usr/pkg/share/wnn/ja_JP/dic/pubdic/kihon.dic    Fid = 1
Reading /usr/pkg/share/wnn/ja_JP/dic/pubdic/setsuji.dic  Fid = 2
Reading /usr/pkg/share/wnn/ja_JP/dic/pubdic/koyuu.dic    Fid = 3
Reading /usr/pkg/share/wnn/ja_JP/dic/pubdic/chimei.dic   Fid = 4
Reading /usr/pkg/share/wnn/ja_JP/dic/pubdic/jinmei.dic   Fid = 5
Reading /usr/pkg/share/wnn/ja_JP/dic/pubdic/special.dic  Fid = 6
Reading /usr/pkg/share/wnn/ja_JP/dic/pubdic/computer.dic         Fid = 7
Reading /usr/pkg/share/wnn/ja_JP/dic/pubdic/symbol.dic   Fid = 8
Reading /usr/pkg/share/wnn/ja_JP/dic/pubdic/tankan.dic   Fid = 9
Reading /usr/pkg/share/wnn/ja_JP/dic/pubdic/bio.dic      Fid = 10
Reading /usr/pkg/share/wnn/ja_JP/dic/pubdic/full.fzk     Fid = 11
Finished Reading Files

[2]    Exit 15                       jserver
apollo% kinput2 -wnn
Warning: file ""wnenvrc-file-for-Wnn4"" open 
Warning: Cannot convert string
"-misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--14-*-*-*-c-*-jisx0208.1983-0" to type
Warning: file ""wnenvrc-file-for-Wnn4"" open 

I do see jserver and kinput2 with ps, but I can't get a positive reaction
from kinput2. What am I supposed to see after pressing shift-space?