Subject: capturing and outputing videos
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/12/2000 14:19:36
I have been looking for info on how to work with videos for a long time. I
want to learn how to create videos (with audio) which can be saved to and
loaded from a VHS VCR (or maybe a digital video camera). Does anyone have
any advice or experiences to share with doing this under NetBSD (or other
BSD or ...)?

I'd be glad to compile any information I receive (like what hardware
works, where to get drivers and software) and build another webpage (maybe
"Video and NetBSD").

If any one knows of some good webpages about capturing video and saving
video to a VCR, I'd appreciate it. Or if you know of an appropriate list
or forum, please point me to it.

I have read about several video capture cards, but I am unclear on their
features and capabilities. What are some inexpensive cards for capturing
video (and possibly audio) from regular (RCA? analog?) and S-video VHS VCR
outputs? (And what drivers work?)

What about firewire: Does anyone have experience with capturing video via
firewire on a BSD?

I know there are some video output cards that can output to S-video or
standard tv (analog?). What are some inexpensive cards for outputing video
as S-video or other formats that can be used by a VCR or television that
work under NetBSD? (Any particular software/drivers?)

(It would be good if it can output the screen in text-mode as well as in
X. It also may need to be able to use the VCR to record audio, but I may
be able to do this with my standard audio card).

Does anyone have experience with outputting video via firewire?

I have found a few video editing programs for linux (but I haven't tried
them yet because I don't have a card yet). Any suggestions for video and
audio editing software?

(By the way, I already have some experience with creating still images
with a cam. Not much experience, but a start.)


   Jeremy C. Reed