Subject: Re: Problem with sysinst (NetBSD-1.4.2)
To: Rakhesh Sasidharan <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/08/2000 17:23:15
	That seems odd - I'm sure I have friends who have installed on
	large disks with 1.4.X. Can you try with a 1.5_ALPHA2 disk
	just in case.

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On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, Rakhesh Sasidharan wrote:

> I just realized, sysinst of NetBSD-1.4.2 can't handle large disks.  
> I have a 17 gig hard-disk, and I was trying to install NetBSD in the last
> 10 gigs.  sysinst wouldn't let me do it.  It would let me specify the
> sizes and offsets, but would just display nothing after I say OK.  I had
> to then use fdisk and manually allocate the partition.  
> It's probably a know problem, but I'm saying just in case ...  How come
> nothing has been done so far abt it ?
> Rakhesh