Subject: Re: A (naive) ccd doubt.
To: Soren S. Jorvang <>
From: Rakhesh Sasidharan <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/05/2000 11:08:08
On Mon, 4 Sep 2000, Soren S. Jorvang wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 04, 2000 at 10:01:14PM +0530, Rakhesh Sasidharan wrote:
> > Suppose I use ccd on NetBSD-1.4.2, is it possible that I can access the
> > info on that ccd partition/drive? from maybe OpenBSD, or from maybe
> > NetBSD-1.5 itself ?
> Yes, the ccd format has not changed, so no problem there.

Err, so you mean to say I make a ccd0 on my machine using NetBSD, and then
I can access that ccd0 from OpenBSD without hassles.  I'm asking again
because I find it kind of surprising.  I thought that ccd was some sort of
a logical concept built upon the partitions -- and so would not be
accessible from another OS like OpenBSD.  That's cool.  Thanks.