Subject: Re: disk quotas - how do they work?
To: Jukka Marin <>
From: Mirko Thiesen <thiesi@NetWork23.BSDOnLine.ORG>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/17/2000 12:31:50
On Thu, 17 Aug 2000, Jukka Marin wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 17, 2000 at 02:17:55AM +0200, Mirko Thiesen wrote:
> > I am just wondering if it's normal that the quota.user file on one of the 
> > filesystems is rather big:
> > 
> > (02:09:17) root@ReLink [/home] # ls -la quota.*
> > -rw-r-----  1 root  operator     1048544 Aug 17 02:00
> > -rw-r-----  1 root  operator  4293918752 Aug 17 02:00 quota.user
> What is the largest UID on your system?  AFAIK, the quota file has a
> fixed size entry for every UID from 0 to the highest and if you have
> a very big UID, then quota file will also be big.  The file has holes
> in it (ie. the unused UIDs do not actually use any disk space).

The highest UIDs I have are the following:

nobody:*:32767:39:Unprivileged user:/nonexistent:/sbin/nologin
majordom:*:32768:120:Automated Mailing List Manager:/home/majordom:/sbin/nologin:*:0:0:::

I'm still unsure what to do. One the one hand I don't want to touch my
running system, because it is *very* stable right now. On the other hand I
see my disk space being used up more and more ... And I also remember that
some time ago I had some problems booting up my system when there was
something wrong with the quota files (i.e. quotacheck simply hung the
machine). However, even if this was caused by a defective hard disk (which
is what I assume - I replaced it anyway), I'd prefer to not touch the
quota files if I didn't need to.

> I haven't seen quota files THAT big on my systems, though..

:-() The other quota files on the other filesystems look ok and are indeed
all of the same size (1048608). 

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