Subject: bug introduced in *roff/mandoc after 1.3.x-rel
To: None <>
From: Markus Kurek <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/15/2000 21:55:32

I try translating a manpage ppp(8) ( 
with nroff on NetBSD-1.5ALPHA2 and I get this error message:

troff: automatically ending diversion `eB' on exit

I looked at the lines where the translated manpage ends and
I cannot find any error in the source manpage...(at least
with my little mandoc knowledge)
Now the interesting thing is that NetBSD-1.3.x-rel translates
this manpage *without* any error.  
Somewhere between NetBSD-1.3.x-rel and NetBSD-1.4.x-rel (1.4 gives me
the same error) this bug was introduced.

This is the code where nroff bails out (nothing fancy)

nat port Ar proto Ar targetIP Ns Xo
.No : Ns Ar targetPort Ns
.No - Ns Ar targetPort
.Oc Ar aliasPort Ns
.No - Ns Ar aliasPort
.Oc Oo Ar remoteIP : Ns
.Ar remotePort Ns
.No - Ns Ar remotePort
.Oc Oc

the output should look like this:
nat port proto targetIP:targetPort[-targetPort] aliasPort[-aliasPort]

This is the output NetBSD-1.[45] produces:
nat port proto targetIP:targetPort[][]file ...[ -remotePort]]

I have no idea how to debug this...perhaps a *roff guru can look at
send-pr ?

Markus Kurek