Subject: Re: dhclient setup -- too late for nfs?
To: None <>
From: Erich T. Enke <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/15/2000 04:30:21
On Sat, 15 Jul 2000, Erich T. Enke wrote:

> I'm working on a 1.5_ALPHA.  Trying to set up dhclient for the first
> time.  I'm able to ping other machines fine, but all the drives get
> mounted before dhclient ever starts.  Therefore, none of my nfs drives are
> mapped.  Is there some rc.conf setting I missed?  And what now is the
> relationship between dhclient and ifconfig?

Okay, I've now learned what rcorder does.  rc.d is a zoo in there.  It
seems it would be easy to turn oneself around in circles trying to keep
track of what is dependent on what.  Took me a couple minutes even trying
to learn that comments aren't what they seem anymore...

Why aren't the functions of the PROVIDES and REQUIRES and of rcorder just
reduced into _one_ file with a listing (rcorder-like) of services so a
person can just casually go in, move a couple lines around and out you
go?  That's all I'm trying to do by all this crazy requirement stuff
anyway...  (and it still isn't working -- I have dhclient now above
mountall in the order and it still doesn't work).

Along those lines, what do people think about labeling the output when
going through the rc scripts so we can correlate them to their rc.d

My question about dhclient vs. ifconfig still stands.

At least now I know that if I run rc twice I can mount my drives ;-)