Subject: Re: 1U server chassis and colocation (for NetBSD)
To: None <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/22/2000 13:55:14
Jason R Thorpe writes:
> I have a little experience with the Intel-packaged servers... At
> Zembu we have one Intel 1U chassis that was purchased before I
> started there... it has a Celeron CPU in it, and I'm currently

This sounds like the "ISP1100" chassis.  From everything I can find
on it, the motherboard isn't available seperately.

> using it as a development build-server.  I've never seen an L440GX
> in a 1U chassis... indeed, I don't think you could do it; the CPU
> cards are too tall.  We are using L440GXs in 2U cases, and we like
> them.  I forget the name of the model, but we're likely to be using
> the Intel-supplied enclosure that has hot-swappable SCA SCSI bays.

Well there is a dual slot 1 motherboard where the slots are on their side.
I believe the "VA Linux 1000" uses it, and I believe the IBM Netfinity
4000R.  I was thinking that was a L440GX, but I hadn't checked the
Intel web site. :)

> of having only one integrated Ethernet.  The 1U board/chassis I
> have in the lab has 2.  I'll see if I can get a model number of
> that one for you (but it won't be quick -- I'd have to pull the
> machine out of the rack, and there are a few things stacked on
> top of it...)

That would be cool.  I'm fairly sure it would be the ISP1100. 

> Re. colocation -- I honestly don't know what we're paying for
> space, although I know at least one of them is too expensive for
> words (but, it's also one of those places you Just Have To Be..
> realities of business in the Valley, I guess :-)
> Colocation fees are going to vary greatly with geographic location,
> I guess.

Yeah, it doesn't need to be anywhere (geographically) near the Valley.


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