Subject: Re: System Recommendation
To: Petra Hofmann <>
From: Geoff Mottram <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/09/2000 11:16:16
Red Hat is big and you'll need to spend some time paring it down.  But
it works and has a huge user base.

I installed both OpenBSD and FreeBSD before settling on NetBSD for use
as a firewall.  My primary problem with OpenBSD was that to take
advantage of some of the more interesting security features required
installing unlicensed patented technology (if you happen to live in the
U.S.).  This is never mentioned in their installation instructions and
you only find out after you have installed almost the entire system.
This is a problem if you want to use the O/S in a commercial setting.

I passed on FreeBSD because their Netork Address Translation (NAT) was
busted when used with their PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) implementation.
It may be busted in general and not just with PPPoE.

NetBSD has a very clean, light-weight text based install program.  The
O/S is lean and doesn't bog your machine down with lots of unnecessary
processes and services.  The mailing lists are responsive and the
quality of users is high.

The BSD O/S's appear to be more security conscious than Linux.  Amongst
other things, NetBSD runs a system security check daily and e-mails you
the results.  It checks for things like changes in your system
configuration files and security holes with your user accounts.

Geoff Mottram