Subject: Re: Experiences running NetBSD under VMWare
To: Brian de Alwis <>
From: Steven M. Bellovin <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/01/2000 08:53:55
In message <>, Bria
n de Alwis writes:
>I'd like to run NetBSD through VmWare under NT... Does anybody
>have any hints or tips to share? I tried using the FreeBSD tools,
>but they don't run, even with COMPAT_FREEBSD. Haven't yet tried
>the Linux tools -- will do that tomorrow.
>(I'd rather run NT under NetBSD, but unfortunately our Linux emulation
>isn't quite that complete! I've somewhat seriously contemplated instead
>having a minimal Linux system to run NetBSD and NT side-by side...)

I'm running vmware on a Linux box (Linux solely to permit me to run 
vmware, but being able to get remote access to Mr. Bill's latest 
emulation of an operating system is useful enough that I'm willing to 
let some penguins displace my friendly little daemons).

Anyway -- the most important piece of the vmware tools is a virtual 
machine-aware SVGA driver.  Without it, performance under X will be
abysmal.  The x86 architecture is only marginally virtualizable; faking 
this piece was necessary to get any rational utilization.  Other things 
the vmware tools do is permit cross-OS cut-and-paste.

What might work -- and I haven't tried this, but I see no problem with 
it -- is to run an X emulator on NT or Linux, and have your NetBSD X 
applications communicate with this server via the virtual Ethernet 
interface.  Alternatively, if all you want is tty-like windows, use 
NT's telnet command and log in remotely, as many times as needed.

		--Steve Bellovin