Subject: Re: change window manager?
To: None <>
From: Guenther Grau <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/14/2000 20:35:25
Hi Yoseff, wrote:
> I had my pmax-netbsd set up so that mwm was my window manager; earlier this
> week I was cleaning up files and must have deleted a relevant file in my home
> directory since now I have twm coming up. What file do I need in my homedir
> to kick up mwm instead of twm?

That depends :-)
It really depends on the way you actually start the X Window System.
Have you got a console where you log into a character based screen
and use a command like startx, or did you setup a grafical login
screen, where the X Server is already running when you login?

In the first case, have a look on what startx does:
more `which startx`
It is usually a shell script which looks at your environment
and tries to determine from this, what to start. It should
be fairly easy to find out what is missing to start mwm.

In the second case, you probably deleted .xsession from your
home directory. It's a good idea to read the man pages of
the login panel (I forgot its name :-), which describes
what files it executes when you log in. There should be some
sample .xsession files lying around (and a default one,
which gets executed when the personalized one is missing :-).
Copy one of these to your home directory and adapt it to
your needs. Also, depending on how your system is set up,
you might have a look at other users $HOME directories to
see which files they have lying around that you haven't :-)