Subject: VPN / IpSec / PPTP
To: '' <>
From: Scott R. Burns <Scott.Burns@Netcontech.Com>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/25/1999 00:08:29
We have a client who requires a VPN setup between a bunch of remote Win95 
or WinNT clients in their branch offices, and the head office. The clients 
will want to browse the head office NT LAN, connect to shares on NT 
servers, and use SQLserver (via ODBC - TCP/IP). The head office is 
currently setup with NetBSD V1.3.2 with only a low speed dialout link. This 
is being upgraded to a ADSL line and router with the NetBSD box for squid, 
http, e-mail etc. between the router and the LAN.

I can't find a lot on the subject on the NetBSD site, altavista etc. A 
little on Linux but the only site I could find has corrupt files on all 
downloads and appears only to be for pppd based links.
(PoPToP -

My question is what software can I/should I use to provide the VPN, IPsec 
or some type of PPTP implementation ?

Does anyone know of a package for PPTP support on NetBSD ?

Can IPsec run on Win95/NT clients ?

Is IPsec even a VPN or just a security portion ?

Is this all doable with V1.4.1 (ie. not current) ?

Does the provider have to support any of this other than providing remotes 
fixed IPs ?

Lots of questions eh ;-)

Thanks in advance

Scott Burns