Subject: Re: upgrading 1.4-1.4.1
To: Reinoud Koornstra <>
From: Michael G. Schabert <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/21/1999 17:00:19
>Currently i run netbsd 1.4 for i386.
>I wish to upgrade to version 1.4.1
>This can be done with sup.
>What should be in the sup file exactly to upgrade ALL the source....
>Secondly, after i run sup, then i have to recompile the whole system
>right? How can i do that? And, what about the kernel then..... cause if i
>compiled the whole system to 1.4.1 then the kernel isnt right anymore
>right? Do i have to configure the new config file from 1.4.1 after that
>and compile it then?
>Can anyone give me a detailed help what to do exactly and in what

1) Forget you ever heard the command "sup".

2) Download the 1.4.1 binary release for your architecture.

3) Install a 1.4.1 kernel & reboot.

4) Unpack the 1.4.1 binaries with tar -zxpf (NOT etc.tgz, though)

5) Reboot and you're up with 1.4.1.

Only upgrade via source/compiling if you do that kind of thing for fun. Sup
is designed to be good for tracking minute changes in source code. It would
be a piss-poor way to retrieve entire source unless your intention was to
track -current on a regular basis.

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