Subject: general question.
To: None <>
From: Reinoud Koornstra <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/13/1999 11:10:29
Hi all,

Lately i read an article.
In there i saw this:

BSDI offers support contracts as well as a truly advanced and robust
operating system for the x86 platform.  FreeBSD was developed to be the
most stable and robust operating system on the x86 platform.  Work has
begun on Alpha and Sparc ports.  NetBSD is designed to be a common
operating system for multiplatform research.  NetBSD may run on more
architectures and processors than any other operating system.  OpenBSD
split from NetBSD to provide an industrial strength secure operating
system without the pressure of United States export authorities. 

In this way i just see that netbsd just runs on most possible platforms
and nothing more. openbsd is said to be most secure and freebsd should be
best for i386 computers....
Hmmm what are the strong points of netbsd above freebsd and openbsd?
In what way is netbsd developt last years? I also use freebsd, hoeever
nowadays i am only using netbsd although freebsd is still on a slice.
Openbsd comes from netbsd... is openbsd really more secure then netbsd and
stuff like that? what are the differences between the os'ses.
I am mainly interested in the strong points of netbsd and in what points
it has been developt... Is is mainly to run on many kind of systems?
There should be more i guess to maintain safety and things like that?
What about the stableness? Anyway, i have great expereinces with netbsd
and it runs great now.
Hopee anyone can tell something about this all, cause i dont know.
Hope to hear something.