Subject: Re: ps aux, floating point exception.
To: Jeff Roberson <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/08/1999 03:46:24
On Tue, 7 Sep 1999, Jeff Roberson wrote:

> So I just upgraded to 1.4.1 because somehow I couldn't get rid of my
> procsize mismatch errors.  Now I get floating point errors when I tell ps
> to print the percent of the cpu a particular process is using.  I'll paste
> some gdb output from a version of ps I built with debugging symbols.

> I supose it's worth mentioning that I recompiled my kernel with the config
> file I used with 1.4.  I did a diff between that and GENERIC and it looked
> ok.  The other thing is, I replaced etc with etc.old and removed the
> upgraded etc to because I didn't want to reconfigure my machine.
> Have any drastic changes been made to etc? I'm also getting Sep  7
> 09:52:03 nop identd[5072]: getbuf: kvm_read(0xfffffc00deadbeef, 136) - tcb
> : Bad address whenever some one makes an identd request. So I'm assuming
> I'm having more kvm problems.  I did a kvm_mkdb, and ps/w/etc. work fine
> though.  Does anyone know what is wrong?

Did you move/copy the new kernel to "/netbsd"? "kvm_mkdb" builds the
database from that exact file on every multi-user boot, as it has no
knowledge of the kernel you actually booted from.