Subject: NFS export question
To: None <>
From: J. Buck Caldwell <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/30/1999 15:31:06
I'm having problems setting up NFS the way I want to. Let me give you
the scenario:

Server: UV3600 - NetBSD 1.4. - ""
Clients: VS3100/m38 - NetBSD 1.4 - "node?" where ?=1-8

Each of the clients boots from the server, and I want to mount a few
spots also. Here's the gist:

Directories I want to export from the server:
  /export/node?/root - root for each of the node? machines - does not
included /usr, which is shared.
  /export/node?/swap (file) - swap space for each of the node? machines
  /export/common/usr - /usr for all of the node? machines (common)
  /usr/src - to be mounted as /usr/src on each of the node? machines

Filesystems on the server:
/dev/ra0a on /
/dev/ra0f on /usr
/dev/ra1a on /usr/src
/dev/ra2a on /export

Desired filesystems on client:
blacklight:/export/node?/root on /
blacklight:/export/common/usr on /usr
blacklight:/usr/src on /usr/src

Here's the question:
What does my /etc/exports on the server need to look like?
What does my /etc/fstab on the clients need to look like? (I think I got
this one right, but I'm not sure).

Security isn't a real issue, as these are all behind a gateway (another
uv3600 running NetBSD, albiet 1.3.3) and I'm probably going to filter
NFS packets one of these days. However, I do have all of the hosts
concerned in a network defined in /etc/networks as ""

Thanks for any suggestions

 -J. Buck Caldwell