Subject: Re: Microsoft ask users to crack win2000 site (fwd)
To: None <>
From: Grant Stockly <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/10/1999 13:40:11
>This came through on BUGTRAQ last week. A new posting on BUGTRAQ indicates
>that LinuxPPC has issued a similar challenge with similar or identical
>rules. I'm wondering if there may be some fame or notoriety to be gained
>for OBSD by joining in this challenge. It probably won't be difficult,
>or long, before someone breaks in to the NT2K challenge site so there may
>not be much time.

They don't even need to ask for people to hack it, it looks like has a little problem.

I've never been able connect to it.  Its either refused my connection or
just sat there trying to answer.

A trace route shows that there is a little loop going through their network.

 Hop Sent Received Seconds  IP Address       Name
  1  YYY  YYY      0.024
  2  YYY  YYY      0.025
  3  YYY  YYY      0.054
  4  YYY  YYY      0.059
  5  YYY  YYY      0.073
  6  YYY  YYY      0.075    No host name found.
  7  YYY  YYY      0.059
  8  YYY  YYY      0.087
  9  YYY  YYY      0.076   No host name found.
 10  YYY  YYN      0.070
 11  YYY  YYY      0.062   No host name found.
 12  YYY  YYY      0.072
 13  YYY  NYY      0.060   No host name found.
 14  YYY  YYY      0.065
 15  YYY  YYY      0.076   No host name found.
 16  YYY  YYY      0.067
 17  YYY  YYY      0.11   No host name found.
 18  YYY  Y Y      0.10
 19  YYY  YY       0.14   No host name found.
 20  YYY  Y Y      0.093
 21  YYY  YYY      0.13   No host name found.
 22  YYY  YY       0.13
 23  YYY  Y Y      0.11   No host name found.