To: None <>
From: Greg Saylor <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/03/1999 15:38:14

Forgive my intrusion into your day... Moreover, please forgive my intrusion
into the "spirit" of which this mailing list and operating system have been
created... I only hope that upon reading this in it's entirety you can see
how certain individuals have grossly misrepresented my statements and that I
must do something to achieve any sense of relief and maintain
credibility.....  I have waited for quite some time (several months) to
issue a response to these disparaging comments by several colleagues of mine
who misunderstood my statements both from a technical and a business
perspective.....  Had they not chosen this medium to misrepresent my
comments I would not need to use it to make the correction, I humbly
apologize for what you are about to read...

I have refrained from responding for the past several months in the hope
that they would issue their own correction (or at least the company they
work for would issue a correction)....  Nevertheless, it is time to set the
record absolutely straight, I simply cannot allow my honest opinion to be
misrepresented without at least some kind of professional response...  I
feel that by sending this I am completing one of the many steps in
correcting the damage these individuals have done to me, personally, by
saying what they have....... If for no other reason then I am simply stating
exactly what I was saying and the reasons, which were for the sake of making
a wise business decision....

Essentially comments were sent several months back that indicated I
more-or-less said a "Pentium III system was slower then a Pentium II
system"..   This earned substantial comments from professionals from this
area, with good reason...  The comments they indicated came from me are
ludicrous and without any technical merit- though it is NOT at all what I
said, apaprently they were trying to exercise their own agenda.....
Nevertheless their apparent lack of experience lead them to infer something
that was  was different from what I was saying..  Despite numerous
corrections I have made to them, they have negelected to issue a public
correction- so I have no choice but to correct their misleading

I said that "A Pentium PRO 233 Mhz operating 32 bit instructions at the
exact same clock speed and with identical configuration (internal cache,
external cache, memory, etc) will not be any slower anyways then a Pentium
II, why not use what we currently have?...  Furthermore that a Pentium Pro
CPU has specific design advantages over a Pentium, Pentium II, and Pentium
III such as fully synchronous four-way associative cache, P2 / P3's have
half-speed 2-way cache.."..   If nothing, this is a testament to my
suggestion that BSD would excel on this type of hardware...

To set the record absolutely straight: I *NEVER* said that a Pentium III
would not perform to the standards of a Pentium II..

I apologize for the lack of professionalism that my "peers" have exhibited
in the past few months, but they are attempting to turn a "wise business
decision" into a "egotistical decision that benefits our position" and in
the process they have completely misrepresented me.....

Frankly, all of the comments I've seen have been entirely correct by the
NetBSD staff and I apologize for taking so long to respond as well as for my
silence over the past several months..... Many of you may have seen my
comments on several newsgroups since the 1980's and I hope that I have at
least correction some of the damage to my reputation as providing wise
technical and business solutions..

I sincerely hope that you accept my personal (and professional) apology for
have to respond to their comments in such a strong fashion.. I would welcome
any reasonable debate on this subject by knowledgable people......


Greg Saylor

P.S. I didn't "inhale"   ;-)  .