Subject: Re: Summary of NetBSD at usenix
To: None <>
From: Jeroen Ruigrok/Asmodai <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/20/1999 15:34:26
>   * Integration and communication among BSDs
>     This is a perennial problem - frequently raised and agreed upon,
>     but noone ever seems to want to do the work. Some people are
>     working on to synchonising some kernel interfaces between FreeBSD
>     and NetBSD to make sharing drivers easier.

Actually, this is very well underway...

Some people might know me from IRC, as well as some others who tend to be
on both #FreeBSD and #NetBSD on different IRC networks. These people also
know I am working hard on getting a Programmers Documentation Project off 
the floor which would make sharing code between Free and Net easier.

Also, the BSD Booster project, which is slightly dormant due to the ever
idiotic limit of time in a day, is looking at merging/unificating the 
userland tools between Free, Net and Open and send-pr the fixes back for
consideration by the appropriate parties.

>   * Merchandise
>     The NetBSD beer glasses went well. We didn't sell any CDs, which
>     was pretty much expected as every attendee received a free set of
>     CDs courtesy of usenix. We sold 40 out of the 50 official t-shirts
>     - really quite good given the very simple design.

Any chance of export-grade CD's finally appearing? Because I want to support
the Foundation through these means.

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