Subject: sparc IPX networking
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/18/1999 16:46:53
I'm having a problem that involves my sparc IPX running NetBSD-1.4 (the
released version plus the 2 released patches).

I'm not sure, however if its

a)  a hardware issue

b)  a configuration issue

c)  buggy software,

d)  not even the sparc's fault

and I'm a little lost as to how to proceed.

The ultimate goal is to have the sparc run samba and act as a file server
for a WinNT 4.0 pc.  It seems to limp along in this capacity.  I can
attach a drive from the NT machine, but access is _really_ slow and

If I open a DOS window and repeatedly ping the sparc, I get time outs
about 5 or 10% of the time.  Also, telnet from the pc to the sparc has
very slow performance.

The confusing part is this.  Doing the ping and telnet tests to my Mac
IIci running NetBSD-1.3 (the only other computer on my net) from the NT
box shows no problems.  telnet is fine and ping never seems to time out.
In fact samba seems to run fine on this machine, but the slowdown is more
than what I want and I'd really rather use the sparc for this.

ok, so maybe the sparc is broken?  However, from the mac, I can ping the
sparc all day long and I seem to be able to telnet to the sparc just fine.

So, all 3 machines seem to work, its just that the sparc and pc don't like
each other!

In fact, I just did
ping -c 1000 machname

from sparc -> pc:  gives 4.8% packet loss
from sparc -> mac:  gives 0% packet loss
from mac -> pc:  gives 0% packet loss
from mac -> sparc:  gives 0% packet loss

on the NT pc ping program, no summary is available, but watching for
timeouts, I'd estimate:
from pc -> mac:  0 % timeouts
from pc -> sparc:  about 5 or 10 % timeouts

The physical connection is

mac:  BNC connector on ethernet card goes to a bnc T with termination on
      one side and coax on the other.

pc:   10Base-T goes twisted pair into an ethernet hub whose BNC connector
      goes to a BNC-T.  One side of the T goes towards the mac, the other
      towards the sparc.

sparc:  uses the on board ethernet adapter.  Driver is le0.  Goes through
        a AUI to BNC tranceiver.  The BNC connector goes to a T which is
        terminated on one end and goes to a cable to the hub on the other.

Any suggestions on how to proceed in debugging this little problem would
be greatly appreciated!