Subject: RE: Is it just me or is QT-1.44's gif su
To: netbsd-users <>
From: John A. Maier <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/18/1999 10:45:00
I think I answered my own question, yes QT-1.44 (at least in the packages   
:( ) is broken.

I uninstalled qt-1.44 and did a pkg_add of the qt-1.41.tgz off NetBSD and   
recompiled licq and GIF support is working again.

FYI - take it for what it's worth - tell me if I'm completely off base.

See ya.

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From:	John A. Maier
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Subject:	Is it just me or is QT-1.44's gif support broken?


I got the latest version of QT and KDE and compiled them.  Now I can't   
GIFs.  LICQ stopped being able to load GIF skins and a recompile of   
or LICQ or KDE didn't fix it.  I even installed the precompiled QT-1.44
binary off of netbsd and nothing.

QT-1.42 worked!?

I can always go back a version, I'm just curious if anyone else has seen
this.  Is it in the package system or the original QT source?